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Black Conductive Bag

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  • Product Name:Black Conductive Bag
  • Model Number:BC-01
  • Sizes:Custom Sized
  • Selling Price:
  • Shelf Time:2020-07-20
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1). Conductive Bags are constructed of opaque, volume-conductive, carbon-impregnated polyolefin film.

2). Cost effective conductive packaging option used for material handling, shipping and storage in the electronic or chemical industries.

3). Black, carbon-filled, volume-conductive polyethylene film is groundable and designed to provide both physical and static protection.

4). Conductive properties are unaffected by humidity and age.

5). Conductive film is designed to dissipate a charge and should not become electrically tribocharged.

6). Film is heat-sealable, flexible and offers exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance.

7). Free of amines, silicones and heavy metals.

8). RoHS Compliant.


Material Type: Conductive Carbon-Loaded LDPE

Color:   Black

Film Thickness: 4.0mil (0.102mm or 102 micron)

Thermal Properties: Heat Sealable

Volume Resistivity:<500 ohm-cm

Static Decay:<2 sec

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